Get started on your new smile with impression kit

Based on what you've told us, we're very confident that we can help you.

Our orthodontists can get you started with an interactive treatment preview of your new smile for $59.

What's included:

Impression Kit + Treatment Preview

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Hassle free and affordable

We deliver custom-made clear aligners to cater to your orthodontic needs. No need for office visits or stressful interactions. Our aligners are of highest quality, accessible anywhere, and cost only a fraction of traditional teeth straightening products.

Metal braces
Conventional clear aligners
Alignerco clear aligners
Total cost
Mandatory in-office consultations
12-17 office visits
10-15 office visits
0 office visits

Receive your treatment preview

After completing the steps outlined in the impression kit, you will receive a customized treatment preview of your teeth from your orthodontist. This is a fully interactive digital projection of how your teeth and dental alignment will transform following the treatment.


Your aligners, delivered to your door

We’ll ship your complete set of aligners directly to your home in a single box. And we’ll even throw in our premium whitening system at no extra charge.


Retain your smile at no extra cost

In order to keep your new million dollar smile, we throw in a complimentary set of custom retainers, which will stabilize your dentition.