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Day or Night Plans

Choose the clear aligner treatment that suits your lifestyle

All Day Clear Aligners

Transform your smile with fast, comfortable custom-made clear aligners. Affordable plans make perfect smiles accessible to everyone, conveniently and quickly.

Wear-time: 20-22 hours a day

Results Duration: 4-6 months

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NightOnly Clear Aligners

Effortlessly straighten teeth as you sleep with our NightOnly clear aligner treatment— a convenient, safe, and effective teeth alignment solution.

Wear-time: 8-10 hours a day

Results Duration: 6-8 months

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Transform Your Smile in 3 Easy Steps

Create Your Impressions

Create Your Impressions

Capture your dental impressions at home with our easy-to-use dental impression kit. Once done, simply send the impressions back to us using the prepaid shipping label.

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See Your New Smile

See Your New Smile

Our experts will design a personalized treatment plan for your unique smile. Rest assured, every plan undergoes a thorough review by a US-trained and licensed orthodontist.

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Smile with Confidence

Smile with Confidence

Experience the stunning results of our custom-made clear aligners as they gradually align your teeth, enhancing both your appearance and confidence.

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Ready for a straighter, more confident smile?

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