Clear Aligners, the Optimum Choice for straighter teeth

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Clear Aligners, the Optimum Choice for straighter teeth

Crooked & misaligned teeth can shatter your confidence and eventually affect your personality! They can make you feel unattractive and even cause you to withdraw from many happy occasions.

Fortunately, crooked or misaligned teeth don’t need to be a problem! Straightening teeth is now a simple process with an affordable solution. ALIGNERCO will make your smile beautiful and will give you the confidence to smile again. Teeth straightening isn’t just about getting that Hollywood smile everyone dreams of, it is also about increasing your confidence and maintaining good oral care.

Why should you get your teeth straightened?

There are several advantages to getting your teeth straightened if you have crooked teeth.

  • Less wear and tear on teeth due to grinding and clenching
  • Easier to keep your gums and teeth clean
  • Less stress on the jaw joint due to improper biting patterns
  • Fewer chances of getting gum disease

Straighter teeth at home

Teeth straightening is now possible from the comfort of your home! You can improve the shape of your arch in as little as 4 to 6 months. ALIGNERCO helps you feel confident again by giving you the straight smile you deserve. Getting straighter teeth is possible with at-home teeth straightening but there are other solutions for some orthodontic issues. Just fill out our Teeth Assessment Form to give us a brief history of your teeth and we will take care of the rest.

How to straighten teeth with invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are the newest method available in the market; it is also the most preferred method of teeth straightening. You first need to order an impression kit which will be delivered to your doorstep.

You then need to make molds of your teeth by following the easy instructions, provided with the impression kit. After you mail your dental impressions back to our team, an orthodontist approved 3D treatment plan will be created which needs to be approved by you.

Once the digital plan has been approved, a customized set of aligners is designed and manufactured for you. This set will gradually shift your teeth in the prescribed direction.

The invisible aligners undoubtedly deliver the same or an even better result than normal braces while being 100x more cosmetic.

Though Metal braces are the most popular method of straightening teeth, the procedure of metal braces involves four parts: brackets, bonding, material, arch wire, and ligature elastic.

Several people don’t want their braces to be seen by everyone; invisible aligners are specially designed for these people. Now you can get straight teeth without feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, invisible aligners do not affect your speech while metal braces sometimes make it difficult for the patient to speak properly.

ALIGNERCO offers affordable teeth straightening in New York and New Jersey. Call us now to get free consultation for teeth straightening


What differentiates clear aligners from metal braces?

Metal braces have brackets affixed to your teeth, connected by a metal wire while clear aligners are made of plastic and can be removed of your free will.

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How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners gently apply constant pressure on your teeth to align them into a straight position.

When can I take my aligners off?

You will need to wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day to achieve the preferred results. You can only take them off for eating or brushing.

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