Effects of Having Teeth Gaps

Everyone will have different teeth alignments prior to obtaining orthodontic treatment. However, having a gap in your teeth can easily lead to severe consequences.

Apart from tooth decay and gum disease, these issues include:

Affordable Teeth Straightening Plans To Fix Teeth Gaps

ALIGNERCO specializes in providing clear aligners directly to people interested in fixing gaps in their teeth. We offer an array of affordable plans designed to fix your teeth based on your budget.

Our teeth straightening solutions are comfortable to wear, affordable to purchase, and easy to use. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about them attracting attention when you’re wearing them in public.

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What Can Clear Aligners by ALIGNERCO Do for You?

Misaligned teeth are not just a cosmetic issue. They can also lead to more serious dental problems, personal issues, and health concerns.

Treats teeth gap without making it obvious

One of the major differences that clear aligners have compared to other forms of straightening teeth is that they can do so without making it obvious. Clear aligners are also called invisible aligners because they aren’t noticeable when worn.

It’s an affordable teeth straightening option

Compared to other ways of straightening teeth, using clear aligners is less expensive for most patients. These aligners are designed to give people an affordable option to fix their teeth gaps. ALIGNERCO has an array of teeth straightening plans that will fit most budgets.

No need for diet restriction

Many patients who have had to use clear aligners choose them because they don’t limit the patient’s eating habits. Invisible aligners are easy to remove, allowing people to take them out before eating.

Clear aligners can improve your smile

Clear aligners can give the patient a better smile overall. Improving your smile can make you more confident as you can proudly show it off in public.

Immediate results with clear aligners

It can only take a few months for positive results to show up. Many people have found that their treatments didn’t last for more than a year, but this will still depend on each patient and their teeth condition.

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