What Are The Alternatives To Metal Braces?

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What Are The Alternatives To Metal Braces?

Simply the answer is YES. People with crooked or gappy teeth can enhance their smile by getting Invisible Aligners, used for cosmetic improvement of your smile. These aligners are manufactured by many top brands, but ALIGNERCO took it to the next level by providing the best quality aligners at affordable rates.

Before going into the details, let us look into a bigger picture of why braces are not ideal for many.

  • Does not help people with gaped or overcrowded teeth
  • Lengthy treatment duration
  • Expensive metal braces and might even cause inconvenience
  • Difficult to bite and chew hard stuff occasionally

Fortunately, there are other much better, less painful options open for you to try instead of metal braces. Let us enumerate the best ways to bring back your beautiful smile.


Where the metal braces pressurize the teeth with wires, the retainers hold them in place. They field the teeth from the front & back sides during grinding or moving. It has more effectiveness, keeping them in place if you wear it on and off and is better than braces too.



People with a worn, discoloured, or misaligned set of teeth can go for these porcelain teeth or veneers. In this process, the dentist removes a layer of tooth enamel and fixes these veneers by using light-sensitive resins. They are both temporary and permanent.

Invisible Aligners

They are very popular, ensuring to stay in an incognito mode when a person wears it. The product is virtually impossible for others to spot and more convenient than braces. They are clear and removable aligners, using the same principle of braces. However, unlike braces, that give a lot of inconvenience to the wearers will find it easy to get back their smile with ease using invisible aligners. They are easy to use and have a positive effect on gums. They have more advantages over a host of dental issues. If the users want, they can even remove them while eating, chewing, drinking, or cleaning the teeth. Hygienic, and user-friendly, the invisible aligners from ALIGNERCO are surely going to be a product you will be happy to reach out and get a straight and beautiful set of pearly whites in no time.

Metal braces do have their purpose. However, with other alternatives like clear braces or invisible aligners available at ALIGNERCO, it hardly makes any sense to go for metal ones.

Aligners for teeth

After considering different ways to straighten teeth without braces, you may be ready for the next step towards Invisible ALIGNERCO treatment. To begin your teeth straightening process order an impression kit at just $49.99(limited time offer) to take your dental impression at home and send them back to our team. Then, we’ll create a customized invisible aligners treatment plan designed by our specialized team of dental experts. You will have a chance to see the potential transformation as your new smile showcases straighter teeth at just $1145 in one go or $175 a month

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