Retainer Dos and Don'ts: Tips for a Healthy, Happy Smile

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Orthodontic treatments have become quite popular among people looking forward to straighter teeth. In the pursuit of a perfectly aligned smile, people opt for orthodontic treatment either with braces, clear aligner treatment, or other treatments. However, to accomplish long-lasting results from any of the orthodontic teeth straightening treatments, it is essential to incorporate retainers post-treatment. In this blog, we will be providing insight on Retainers, their do’s and don’ts, and lastly, some tips for a healthy and happy smile.

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Understanding Retainers

Retainers are orthodontic devices that are designed to retain your smile. If you have recently undergone a teeth straightening procedure, your orthodontist will recommend you wear retainers as a post-care of teeth straightening. The purpose of retainers is to retain the newly aligned smile. After getting your teeth straightened, there is still a chance of your teeth moving back to their original place. Retainers play a keen role in preventing orthodontic relapse. Different types of retainers include Hawley retainers, clear retainers, and fixed retainers. Orthodontic patients can opt for any type of retainer according to their personal needs and orthodontist’s recommendation as per the case complexity.

Do’s of Retainers

The following are some of the do’s you should practice to achieve optimal results with retainers.

Wear Time

To have optimal results, consistency is the key. Your orthodontist will recommend the wearing time of retainers. Ensure that you wear your retainers as prescribed by your orthodontist. Adhering to the wear time will prevent orthodontic relapse. Moreover, the wear time for retainers varies among individuals. Some patients have to wear retainers full-time whereas, others may shift to wearing retainers during nighttime only.

Maintain your Retainers

Just like clear aligners, orthodontic patients must maintain their retainers. Clear retainers are removable which means you can remove them anytime you want. They must be well-maintained to avoid any bacterial and plaque build-up. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your retainers and clean them before reinserting.

Handle your Retainer with care

Every time you remove your retainers you must store them in a container. In case you keep your retainers in your bag without a container, there is a high chance of causing scratches and breaking them. Breaking your retainers can delay your retention process.


Keep up with your orthodontist during your retention phase. If you feel your retainers are not effective or hurt with fitting, consult your orthodontist right away. They will address any of the underlying concerns regarding the fitting of retainers and their maintenance.

Don’ts of Retainers

To have a smooth retention phase, ensure the following don’ts. It will help to prevent the relapse within a specified time frame.

Don’t Chew on Retainer

Retainers are removable, you must ensure that you remove your retainers before having your meals. Do not chew on retainers as it can damage and impact the effectiveness of retainers by causing scratches.

Don’t Mishandle

Always handle retainers with care and keep them safe in a store container. If you put your retainers in your bag or pocket, there is a high chance of getting germs and causing scratches. It can impact of the effectiveness of retainers and your teeth may not be maintained as they should be.

Don’t Forget to Remove

Clear retainers are the type of retainers that can be removed easily. Do not forget to remove your retainers when having your meals or even some beverages. Some people might have their beverages with retainers on but it is not recommended. Your retainers may develop stains or cause discoloration due to the sugary beverages.

Don’t miss cleaning

To ensure your oral hygiene, you must clean your retainers on a daily basis. Ensure that you clean your retainers thoroughly. Moreover, no hard particles should be used while cleaning your retainers.

Tips for a Happy, Healthy Smile with Retainers

Here are some expert-curated comprehensive tips to sustain your newly aligned smile happily and healthily.

Wear as prescribed

To have effective smile retention, follow the wear time for retainers as prescribed by your orthodontist.

Practice Good Hygiene

Along with retention, you must ensure that your oral hygiene is intact. Brush and floss your teeth regularly for good and proper oral hygiene.

Keep Retainers clean

To avoid any contact with bacteria or plaque, ensure that your retainers are well-maintained which means daily cleaning and storing in a container.

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To sum up, ,retainers are the orthodontic devices that help to sustain your teeth preventing orthodontic relapse. After successfully attaining straighter teeth, you must include retainers as a post-care treatment. Retainers do require specific care for effective retention. Ensure to follow the do’s and don’ts of retainers for optimal results.


1. Is it necessary to wear retainers post-teeth straightening?

Yes, after successfully aligning your teeth, you must wear retainers to sustain that perfect smile.

2. How to maintain retainers?

Ensure to clean your retainers on a daily basis to avoid any plaque buildup, germs, or discoloration.

3. How to store retainers when not wearing?

You must store your retainers in a container when not using them. If you put your retainers in a bag or anywhere without a container it can result in damage and may catch scratches.

4. What are the advantages of wearing retainers?

Even after completing your orthodontic treatment, there is still a chance of an orthodontic relapse. Retainers help prevent orthodontic relapse and sustain teeth to their new place.

5. Do’s and Dont’s of retainers?

Take retainers off before eating, wear them as prescribed, do not leave them anywhere, clean them every time before reinserting, store them in a container when not in use, don’t put them in hot water, and clean them with a soft-bristled brush.

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