Are Clear Aligners Bad for Your Teeth?

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Are Clear Aligners Bad for Your Teeth?

It sounds almost too good to be true. Simply wear clear aligners for a couple or several months and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and symmetrical smile. ALIGNERCO’s teeth aligners (also known as dental aligners) are an effective teeth straightening kit that can be used by teenagers and adults of all ages.

Our clear aligners cost a fraction of what you’ll pay for competitors. Are you interested in addressing shifting teeth but worry that dental appliances may damage your teeth? Our aligners are completely safe to use, and we’ll explain why in this article.

What Are Clear Aligners and How Do They Work?

Clear aligners work differently than traditional metal braces. Metal braces require an orthodontist to put dental appliances like metal brackets and archwires on teeth. Clear aligners can deliver beautiful dental aesthetics by using clear trays that fit snuggly over one or both arches of teeth.

When ALIGNERCO’s clear braces are correctly placed over your teeth, few people will be able to tell that you have clear braces on. Each tray exerts gentle and consistent pressure on crooked teeth. Each successive tray is slightly straighter than the previous tray.

Customers should wear the aligners for 22 hours per day. After you have used the last tray, you will be given a retainer that should be worn nightly.

In-Office Versus At-Home Treatment: Which Option Is Right for Me?

Some clear aligner treatments require regular visits to the dentist or orthodontist. These trips can add considerably to the overall treatment cost. In-office treatments also require a larger investment of time on the part of patients.

ALIGNERCO’s clear aligners do not require any visits to the dentist. Our team members mail you an impression kit that you mail back.

Clear aligners are sent straight to your home. This saves you time and money.

Our customers appreciate the convenience of undergoing teeth straightening from home. Our aligners cost less than our competitors because we do not have to factor in the expenses of paying dentists and their staff.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient teeth-straightening option, check out these photos of our past customers’ post-treatment smiles.

Are Clear Aligners Bad for Your Teeth?

If you are worried about how safe our treatments are, we have great news. ALIGNERCO’s clear aligners use technology that has been proven to be completely safe and effective. Millions of Americans have undergone orthodontic treatment using clear aligners that work similarly to ALIGNERCO’s clear braces.

ALIGNERCO is a proud member of the American TeleDentistry Association, which is dedicated to holding members to the highest standards of guidelines and best practices.

Safety Factors

ALIGNERCO’s team members don’t rely on guesswork when designing and fabricating your clear aligners. Based on the impressions that you send back, our team members use advanced imaging and fabrication techniques to build clear braces to exacting standards. When you put on one of our braces, you can expect a perfect and snug fit every time.

Our braces move teeth gradually. This allows time for your jawbone to adjust to the movements. As your teeth are pushed using gentle micromovements, the underlying jawbone tissue has plenty of time to regenerate and rebuild as needed.

The edges of our custom aligners are designed to not rub or disturb your gums. The dental impression that you mail to us provides all the information that we need to customize a safe and effective treatment plan.

Dental Hygiene Considerations

Patients have an active role to play in ensuring that clear aligner treatments do not lead to cavities or gum disease. Any type of orthodontic treatment requires some type of contact with the surface of teeth. When something is in regular contact with teeth there is always the risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

Metal braces, for example, can trap food particles that promote bacteria growth. Acids released by bacteria can lead to tooth decay. Bacteria also cause gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss.

Tips for Preserving Oral Health During Teeth-Straightening Treatment

Customers who do not maintain good oral hygiene habits may be at risk for developing cavities and other oral health problems. Preventing tooth decay and gum disease while undergoing treatment using ALIGNERCO’s clear braces is easy.

Customers should stick to the basic tenants of good oral hygiene. This means brushing at least twice a day, flossing regularly, and using a quality therapeutic mouthwash.

After each meal, make sure that your mouth is free of excess food particles before putting on your clear braces. Food particles can become trapped between your teeth and your clear aligners, which can lead to tooth decay.

One way to prevent this is to wait several minutes after eating to put your clear trays back on. You can also rinse your mouth with water or even brush your teeth just to be safe.

Cleaning your clear trays is important for oral health reasons. Clean trays are also more attractive. Simply brush your trays using a toothbrush and warm (not hot) water. You can do this when you brush your teeth.

Finally, remember to brush your teeth before going to sleep. You don’t want food particles trapped inside your clear braces when you sleep at night.

Enjoy Safe and Effective Treatments Using ALIGNERCO

ALIGNERCO’s clear aligners are proven to be a safe and effective form of dental aligners. Our clear aligners cost 70% less than our competitors’ clear braces.

To order your teeth straightening kit, take our free online smile assessment. Once you have completed that step, we’ll mail you a teeth straightening kit that can brighten your smile in only a few weeks!


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