Caitlin’s journey toward self-confidence and a better smile

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A smile holds power to transform your whole perception of life. Usually, gaps between teeth are not considered a big problem as they might not harm your overall health. However, they can be a huge setback when it comes to aesthetics.

ALIGNERCO has assisted thousands of customers in fixing their bite issues and aligning their smiles. Caitlin is among our grinning customers who achieved their dream smiles through our fast and convenient clear aligner treatment. Writing a review for ALIGNERCO, she rated her journey with five shining stars.

Caitlin had a mild case of diastema which means that there were uneven gaps between her teeth. It might have presented a few setbacks in her daily routine that made her opt for teeth straightening treatment.

On ALIGNERCO’s website, Catilin took the 30 minutes assessment, and after getting her case assessed and being eligible for our clear aligners, ordered an impression kit from the website.

The impression kit was delivered to her doorstep. With the help of simple instructions, she took her dental impressions and mailed them to our team. Our experts assessed those impressions and made an orthodontist-reviewed treatment plan which was sent to Catilin for approval. She found this process extremely convenient. Reviewing ALIGNERCO’s invisible aligners, she says;

“I loved getting my treatment plan through ALIGNERCO! The process was so easy, and the customer service was excellent. They responded very quickly and very friendly”

Caitlin received her customized invisible aligners in the convenience of her home and regularly wore them for 22 hours a day. Her treatment was completely remote, and she could easily reach out to our friendly customer support with any concerns during her treatment process.

Within 6 months, Catlin's teeth magically transformed and she got a beautifully aligned smile. She was happy with our teeth straightening treatment and its effective results. The irregular gaps were filled as her teeth shifted into a naturally aligned position.

Moreover, Caitlin loved how affordable ALIGNERCO’s treatment was compared to the other brands in the market. She was so satisfied with the whole process and would love to recommend it to others.

“I loved how cheap the price is compared to their competitors for the same thing, if not better,” writes Caitlin in an ALIGNERCO’s invisible aligners review.

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