Can I Drink Milkshake With Clear Aligners In

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Can I Drink Milkshake With Clear Aligners In

When considering clear aligners, the primary concern that arises is safety. The next significant question that arises is whether “is it possible to consume beverages like milkshakes or juices while wearing aligners?”

Invisible aligners are safe because they are constructed of smooth, BPA-free plastic that won't irritate your mouth. When you have an important day, you can easily remove them and can always carry them wherever you go. Keeping your aligners clean is the most important task. When you buy white clothes or anything white in colour, keep in mind that taking care of it is the most difficult task, similarly to keep your aligners white and clean taking extra care is a must. Consuming any beverages apart from water while wearing aligners can cause discoloration of both your clear aligners and teeth.

Another reason to not drink while you are wearing your invisible aligners is that the sugar from these drinks will spread inside your clear aligners. Most of the sweet drinks we enjoy, like soda and milkshakes, have loads of sugar. This sugar will become feed for bacteria to form acids that will cause more plaque on your teeth and ultimately results in more cavities.

Instead of having to deal with a metal-filled mouth and restricted diet, take a look at these do’s and don’ts of invisible aligners which can be easily removed during meals.


* Best thing with invisible aligners is while clicking a snap your aligners aren’t visible and you will have a confident smile with no hiding teeth. No one will come to know that you are straightening your teeth.

* Clean your aligners daily whenever it has been removed because a healthy smile is a clean smile.

* Eat healthy and soft food that keeps your body and clear aligners fit.

* Brushing and flossing are essential during aligner treatment.

* Remove aligners while eating and brushing.

* After every meal, brush your teeth, wash your aligners with tap water, and put them back on.


* You can damage your aligners if you wear them while eating or chewing gum or they will leave stains. If you want your aligners to stay invisible and clear, you need to take proper care because if you have stains on your aligners, everyone will notice that you are straightening your teeth or they may think that your teeth are stained.

* Don’t use toothpaste and toothbrush to wash aligners because it can leave a permanent scratch on your aligners. To clean the inside part of the aligners use a baby toothbrush.

* If you have stopped wearing your aligners for a longer period, will not give you the result you want as a dream smile.

* Drinking hot or dark liquids such as coffee, tea, and wine can bend aligners and make them stained. So keep in mind that you are paying for your beautiful smile, therefore, taking care of your crystal clear aligners is a must.


You will only get straighter teeth when you wear your aligners for 20-22 hours each day for all day aligners and 8-10 hours for night only clear aligners. Therefore, if you take out your aligners, rapidly wash them, and then put them back in, avoid getting distracted or your time wearing aligners will increase.

Cost Of Invisible Aligners

As compared to metal braces the cost of invisible braces is less. Metal braces are fixed and cannot be removed, these reasons bought a high decline in the usage of metal braces and there is a huge demand for invisible braces.

The cost of invisible braces starts from $995. Adults can remove these braces simply while playing or attending a party because they are quite beneficial.



Can I eat and drink with my clear aligners on?

Aligners are made of clear plastic which means that they can be stained if you try eating or drinking anything while they are still on. It is advised to take your aligners off when you wish to eat something, clean them with lukewarm water, and put them back on.

Can I use toothpaste to clean my aligners?

Using a toothbrush or toothpaste to clean your aligners can put a permanent scratch on them. However, you can use a baby toothbrush to clean the insides of your aligners or simply rinse them with lukewarm water.

For how long do I need to wear my clear aligners?

You will need to wear your clear aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day for effective results. You can only remove your clear aligners to eat or drink something other than water.

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