Can I wear my aligners with my wisdom teeth?

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Can I wear my aligners with my wisdom teeth?

Invisible aligners are a fast and convenient way to straighten out your teeth. You can get straighter teeth in less time than with conventional braces, and you can remove your aligners whenever you want to. If you are considering the benefits of teeth straightening with clear aligners, you might have a few questions about how they work. One of the concerns that some people have is whether wisdom teeth affect teeth straightening. You might be wondering whether you should have your wisdom teeth removed or if it’s possible to use invisible aligners without having them removed. This article will answer your questions about teeth straightening and wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the back molar teeth that come in when you’re a teenager or adult. Also known as the third molars, they are not really that useful or needed. In fact, for some people, their wisdom teeth never grow in at all. When wisdom teeth do make an appearance, they can do so without any problems, or they can sometimes cause issues. However, if your wisdom teeth don’t present with any problems, they are unlikely to interfere with using invisible aligners.

When Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth don’t necessarily need to be removed but they are often removed as a matter of routine. As they can cause discomfort when they grow in incorrectly, many people have them removed as teenagers or young adults. While this is a routine procedure in the US, it’s not as common in many other countries. Expert opinion in the US is shifting, and fewer dentists recommend routine removal of wisdom teeth if there are no current problems or no strong likelihood of issues occurring in the future.

There are some circumstances when wisdom teeth almost certainly need to be removed. Wisdom teeth can grow at a bad angle, cause inflammation or infection, or start to decay. If a wisdom tooth doesn’t have the space to emerge or grow in normally, it is known as an impacted tooth. It can cause pain, damage other teeth and result in other dental issues too. There is also a possibility that wisdom teeth need to be removed so that aligners can fit comfortably in the mouth. If wisdom teeth cause obstruction, an extraction might need to be considered. Some dentists will recommend wisdom tooth removal before having clear aligners, especially if your wisdom teeth haven’t erupted yet.

If your wisdom teeth aren’t causing any problems or are not likely to in the future, you don’t have to have them removed if you don’t want to. However, for some people, it can be useful to remove them before having aligners or to improve their overall dental health. Before getting aligners, consult with your dentist, and they can make a recommendation on whether you need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Do Wisdom Teeth Make It More Difficult to Straighten Your Teeth?

Wisdom teeth won’t affect teeth straightening. Whether or not you have wisdom teeth, you can use invisible aligners like those from ALIGNERCO to make your teeth straighter. In fact, you can even straighten your teeth when your wisdom teeth are still coming into position. Aligners are designed to straighten out your most visible teeth, which doesn’t include the wisdom teeth.

Some people might be concerned that wisdom teeth can cause their other teeth to become crooked when they grow in. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Wisdom teeth only exert a small amount of pressure when they erupt – not enough to push your other teeth out of line. If your teeth do move out of place, it’s more likely to be because you’re not wearing your aligner and other factors that might push your teeth out of line.

Clear Aligners After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

If you do have your wisdom teeth removed, for whatever reason, you will need to wait before you can have invisible aligners fitted. Your mouth will need time to heal before you can safely use aligners. This may take around six weeks, although it’s possible that you might be able to start using invisible aligners before then. The important thing to do is to consult with your dentist and listen to their expert opinion. They can let you know what they think is best to help you heal properly and keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

What If Your Wisdom Teeth Erupt During Treatment?

If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, but they have also not come through yet, there is a chance that they could do so during your treatment with invisible aligners. While the chance is small, it’s still worth considering what might happen. If your dentist hasn’t recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed, you don’t have to remove them just in case.

In the event that your wisdom teeth do decide to make an appearance, you can still have treatment with clear braces. However, you might need to take a break from the treatment while your teeth are coming in. Of course, if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or other problems, your dentist might then recommend that you have them removed. You will then need to wait around six weeks after removal before you can have ALIGNERCO treatment to ensure everything is healed.

When you request an impression kit from ALIGNERCO, we will assess your teeth and create a smile projection for your approval. You can start by completing a quick and free online assessment to find out if you are a candidate for our treatment. It only takes a few seconds to answer some key questions and find out if you are eligible. We can then get started on the treatment process.

Your wisdom teeth won’t necessarily affect your ability to have treatment from ALIGNERCO. In fact, much of the time, they won’t make any difference. If you have talked to your dentist, your next step is to complete our free assessment. Call us if you want to find out more or have any questions.

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