Dental Impression Kit: The Complete Scoop for Beginners

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ALIGNERCO at-home dental impression kit.

Having a perfectly aligned smile is what everyone wishes for. However, people with misalignments seek orthodontic treatment. While considering teeth straightening, one must wonder what is a do it yourself dental impression kit or dental impressions kit. This guide will enrich beginners with a complete understanding of a dental impression kit, its components, and how to use it effectively.

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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners
Clear aligners for teeth straightening.

The field of orthodontics has revolutionized over time, providing comfortable treatment options for individuals seeking teeth straightening. Traditional braces have been the long-known course of treatment for tooth alignment. However, clear aligners are becoming widely popular and preferred over braces. They offer a comfortable and invisible treatment to individuals wanting straighter teeth. To begin teeth straightening, individuals are required to create dental impressions for customized aligners.

What is a Dental Impression Kit?

In the pursuit of a perfectly aligned smile, it is essential to craft your impressions to get your customized orthodontic device: clear aligners. A dental impression kit frequently known as at home dental impression kit is a tool used to create your dental impressions. The kit includes all the tools for individuals to make replicas of their teeth for both arches. Due to advancements in the field of dentistry, individuals can now take their dental impressions at home without the hassle of clinic visits and appointments.

ALIGNERCO Kit First Plan

ALIGNERCO specializes in high-quality solutions for your dental concerns. It brings an innovative approach to getting your teeth straightened from the comfort of your home. If you want to achieve a perfectly straightened smile, begin by ordering the ALIGNERCO Kit First plan. With an at home dental impression kit, create your impressions to get customized clear aligners.

What are the Components of the ALIGNERCO Dental Impression Kit?

ALIGNERCO dental impressions kit includes everything you require to craft perfect dental impressions. With ALIGNERCO do it yourself dental impression kit, make your hassle-free and clear impressions.

Impression Trays

Impression trays are a vital component of creating your impressions. You will find three sizes of trays (S, M, L). Before placing the impression putty in the trays, it is important to ensure the tray fits perfectly to your arches, neither too loose nor too tight. The tray must cover all of your teeth and shouldn’t scratch your teeth.

dental silicon impression
dental silicon impression

Impression Putty

The dental impression kit includes base and catalyst impression putties, which are mixed to form a solid color with no streaks.


Our dental impression kit also includes gloves to ensure your oral health while creating dental impressions. Dental hygiene is essential when making impressions to prevent infections and germs.

Cheek Retractor

A cheek retractor is added to a dental impressions kit to provide a complete picture of your teeth.

dental cheek retractor
dental cheek retractor

Prepaid Shipping Label

With ALIGNERCO dental impression kit, you get a prepaid shipping label. Take your impressions and send them back to us with unused trays to get your custom-made clear aligners.

How to use ALIGNERCO Dental Impressions kit?

If you are confused about how to take impressions at home. Follow the simple steps below to get perfect impressions and fabricate your aligners.

Ensure Oral Hygiene

To ensure good oral hygiene, it's important to wash your hands before making impressions. Clean hands help prevent contamination while mixing the putty. Additionally, it's often recommended to brush your teeth beforehand for clearer impressions.

Blend Impression Putties

Take a set of putty (base and catalyst) from the impressions kit as there will be 5 sets and one is for practice. Mix both of them to get a solid color and give it a 4-inch sausage shape by rolling them in your palm. Place the sausage-shaped putty in the impressions tray. While putting it on the trays, make sure the putty reaches both ends for clear impressions of all the teeth.

Take Impressions

Place the impression trays in your mouth for the upper arch. Place the tray for at least 3 minutes to get a seamless and precise impression. Repeat the same process for the lower arch. Bite in the middle and avoid the outer and inner walls. Take pictures of your impressions and email them to us at

Mail your Impressions

Once we approve your impressions, use the prepaid shipping label and send them back to us. Please return the unused trays along with your impressions to help us reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Review your treatment plan

Your treatment plan is designed according to your received impressions. You will get a 3D smile projection to review the final results. After which your aligners are fabricated accordingly.

Good Impressions

 A pictorial representation of good impressions with at home dental impressions kit.
A pictorial representation of good impressions with at home dental impressions kit.
  • Keep your lips over the tray to ensure the putty reaches your gums without any hindrances.
  • Use your thumbs to put gentle pressure on the upper impression and your fingers on the lower impression. Repeat 2-3 times until the putty reaches your gums and captures the gum line.
  • To remove the tray gently snap it out in one swift motion – downward for the upper arch and upward for the lower arch.

Mistakes to avoid while taking impressions

  • Make sure the putties are mixed well for uniform color.
  • While placing putties on the impression trays, make sure that it covers the whole region of the tray.
  • Do not panic while taking your impressions as it can ruin your impressions.
  • Do not forget to follow the guidelines mentioned in the dental impression kit.

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To sum it up, taking dental impressions is a crucial first step in your teeth straightening journey. A dental impression kit provides everything needed to create accurate impressions, and following the guidelines is essential for success. ALIGNERCO offers at-home teeth straightening with clear aligners, requiring individuals to provide their impressions to begin their smile transformation.


1. What is a dental impression kit?

To begin orthodontic teeth straightening, individuals are required to create their dental impressions. A dental impression kit includes all the necessities for individuals to craft perfect impressions.

2. What does a dental impression kit hold?

A dental impression kit includes impression trays, putties, gloves, cheek retractors, and a prepaid shipping label.

3. How to use a dental impression kit?

Firstly make sure your hands are clean to keep your oral hygiene intact. Mix the base and catalyst and roll it into a sausage shape to fix the impression trays. Place the impression trays on the upper arch and repeat the same process for the lower arch.

4. Can I make dental impressions at home?

Yes, with ALIGNERCO's at-home dental impression kit, you can make perfect impressions from the comfort of your home.

5. What if I make the wrong impression?

ALIGNERCO impressions kit includes extra putties, if by any chance you made the wrong impression, you can utilize the extra putty.

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