Do Adult Braces Actually Work For Straightening Your Teeth?

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Do Adult Braces Actually Work For Straightening Your Teeth?

Intro: Adult Braces or invisible aligners are suitable for teens and adults to get the desired shape of their teeth.

Yes, adult braces do work for straightening a misaligned jaw, crooked, and crowded teeth among adults. The grownups are drawn to this procedure to regain their smiles and lost confidence. The majority of them have responded favorably to this therapy. You can get these braces in metal, ceramic, or bonding material, but clear aligners work excellently. They don’t affect your daily life activities or cause hassle while you are drinking or eating. Let us now see a few benefits of getting invisible aligners.

Why Get Invisible Aligners?

The braces are a one-time investment, so you must choose them wisely. Get straighter teeth with orthodontist-designed invisible braces for 65% less and without any clinical visits. If people opt for invisible aligners, then they can get them at affordable rates. Moreover, many orthodontic service providers will send a complete set to their doorstep. Let us now see a few pointers for choosing Invisible Aligners for straightening adult teeth.

They Are Less Cumbersome

Since they can be used at any time of the day, invisible aligners are hassle-free. They are simple to remove while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. However, you can put them on while drinking water. Unlike metal braces, they’ll not lead to any problems while eating or brushing your teeth.

Clear Aligners for teeth

Get Customised Aligners

People with crooked or crowded teeth can get customized invisible aligners from ALIGNERCO, which perfectly fit their teeth. We provide an online kit to help you make an impression on your teeth which comes with clear instructions to get those perfect teeth impressions. After this, you can send it back to our team, and we will design the final customized aligner. These aligners are delivered to your doorstep.

Clear Aligners for teen

Time Taken

Invisible Aligners apply gentle force on your teeth to correct and straighten them. The usual time taken is 4-6 months, but a few patients can take 1 year too. It all depends on the severity of the orthodontic problem.

Generally, Invisible Aligners take around 5 to 9 months to achieve the desired results. Invisible Aligners must be used 20-22 hours a day in a disciplined manner to shift the teeth. The results are achievable with convenience as there is no involvement of clinic visits, or complexity involved, unlike metal braces.

Not Visible

The virtually invisible nature of these clear aligners is another advantage. Therefore, no one will even know you are wearing them while you are talking or laughing. Many adults gain more confidence as a result.

The best part about Invisible Aligners is that you can wear them throughout the day without anyone noticing anything unusual on your teeth. They are so clear that you can wear them almost everywhere such as at school, the workplace, or even when you are on vacation. They do not interrupt your daily schedule.

Lastly, ALIGNERCO’s invisible aligners work great for adults. It doesn’t hamper their personal or professional life. However, it’s advisable to consult your dentist before getting any adult braces options


What makes invisible aligners the most chosen treatment method among adults?

Invisible aligners treat a variety of teeth misalignment issues among adults. They are preferred by grown-ups because they do not affect their daily life activities and do not cause hassle while eating or drinking.

When can I remove my invisible aligners?

You have to wear your invisible aligners for 20-22 hours a day. You can only remove them while eating something or cleaning your teeth. Put your aligners back on after brushing your teeth or thoroughly rinsing your mouth.

What makes invisible aligners superior to metal braces?

Metal braces have brackets affixed to your teeth connected by a metal wire while invisible aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed of your free will. Metal braces make it difficult for you to maintain proper oral hygiene; however, with clear aligners, you can regularly clean your teeth without any hassle.


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