Everything you need to know about Invisible Aligners

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Everything you need to know about Invisible Aligners

Smiling is universally considered to be the way people display joy. Letting out that dazzling smile is however not easy for all of us though. Not all of us have our pearly white teeth perfectly aligned to put on display.

That is where Invisible Aligners come into play. A painless, affordable, and convenient solution for teeth straightening without traditional braces. And the best part is, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Learn how it works and all its perks below!

Crystal Clear Aligners

These aligners do not have brackets as the traditional braces do and they are completely invisible so you do not need to feel shy when you are flaunting your smile. These aligners are World’s Clearest and are virtually invisible compared to metal braces that contain poking wires.

Gives results faster than the traditional braces

Invisible Aligners can take only under 6 months to work its magic and align your teeth. It uses traditional orthodontics to straighten your teeth in a matter of months instead of years. While it depends on the severity of the case and varies from patient to patient, it usually takes 4 to 6 months as opposed to spending years and years with metal braces. People can start seeing the difference in their teeth within a month or two of starting, wearing their custom made aligners.

No unnecessary trips to the Dentist’s office

All you need to do is take your dental impressions with an easy to use Impression kit at home and our team of dental experts will take care of the rest. As opposed to our dentist who treats you remotely, a traditional doctor will most likely schedule visits. That means the number of visits to the orthodontist in the case of ALIGNERCO is ZERO compared to traditional braces. No Doctor visits or messy braces required

You get a Smile Projection beforehand

Once we receive your dental impressions, we’ll send you a Smile preview of how your teeth will look like at the end of the invisible aligners treatment for you to approve. Check out how it works here


Metal braces and conventional clear braces can cost as high as $3000-7000! Meanwhile, with ALIGNERCO, pay less than $1350.00 for the Aligners with no hidden costs. Check out the pricing here.

Flexible Installment Plan

ALIGNERCO allows you to pay for invisible aligners with affordable monthly installments that can be easily added to your monthly household budget with the option to pay as low as $81 a month.

Tried and Tested

People are happy with the services provided and have nothing but rave reviews for the overall experience with ALIGNERCO. Read all about it on trustpilot.com

You get Retainers worth $99 for Free!

A retainer keeps the teeth from moving their position. Wearing them on a regular basis will keep your teeth in the position you want to maintain, at the end of your Aligner treatment. You’ll receive a set of retainers for free at the end of the treatment to make sure your teeth stay in their new straighter position.

Easy maintenance

ALIGNERCO clear aligners are more comfortable than metal braces, pose fewer risks to teeth and gums, and provide beautiful smiles much faster.

Everyone wants to look perfect at all times and if your smile is missing just because of your crooked teeth, no matter how expensive your clothes are or how many dollars you have spent on your makeup, you won’t feel confident enough. If this speaks to you, take a free assessment to see if Aligner treatment is right for you.

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