How Does Online Teeth Straightening Work?

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How Does Online Teeth Straightening Work?

Table of contents

  1. Online Teeth Straightening: How It Works
    1. Traditional Orthodontics: No Longer the Only Option
  2. Using ALIGNERCO’s Teeth Aligners at Home
  3. Benefits of Online Teeth Straightening
    1. A Comfortable Treatment
    2. A Discreet Treatment
    3. Predictable and Consistent Results
    4. Drastic Cosmetic Results
  4. Order Your at Home Teeth Straightening Kit Today

Some studies predict that the clear aligner market will reach $8.2 billion by 2026. Online teeth straightening options are now a large portion of that market as teens and adults of all ages take advantage of at home teeth straightening kit options.

Advances in clear aligner technology now allow teens and adults to undergo orthodontic treatments from the convenience of their homes. If you are considering using teeth aligners at home, this article will explain the online teeth straightening process in depth.

Online Teeth Straightening: How It Works

Prominent dentists across the country are seeing an uptick in the number of patients seeking the types of clear aligner treatments offered by ALIGNERCO.

In a 2019 article by The New York Times, Dr. Alexander Waldman, an orthodontist who practices in Los Angeles, said that his patients used to only undergo treatment using traditional braces.

“Today, it’s 80 percent clear aligners,” he told The Times.

One of the main drivers of the popularity of clear aligner treatments is the convenient treatment process.

What is online teeth straightening? We’ll explore how the process works and the benefits of at home teeth straightening.

Traditional Orthodontics: No Longer the Only Option

One of the benefits of online teeth straightening is the ability to forgo traditional treatments. Before the advent of clear aligner technology, patients had to make many visits to see the orthodontist. The visits were for the placement of uncomfortable spacers and the attachment of bulky brackets and wires.

Each visit meant time away from work or other commitments. And there was the constant worry about breaking a bracket. Each visit to the orthodontist requires wire tightening that could leave teeth feeling sore for days.

ALIGNERCO’s Easy Three-Step Program

You may be wondering, “How does online teeth straightening work?”

The first step in the clear aligner treatment process involves making dental impressions in the convenience of your home. Kits start at $49.99.

You will place a special putty in a mold that fits over both rows of teeth. Simply mail back the kit, and our experts will begin fabricating your custom trays.

If you still aren’t sure if you are ready to commit, you can undergo our Smile Projection. This allows you to see before and after images of your teeth.

Then, the molds will arrive at one of our offices. One of our team experts will create a customized aligner treatment plan that addresses your alignment problems.

Our specialized team of experts will create a customized invisible aligner treatment plan for your smile. The number of trays that you are given will depend on the type and extent of your teeth alignment issues. We even offer special NightOnly Clear Aligners that can be removed during the day.

Using ALIGNERCO’s Teeth Aligners at Home

Once your package of clear aligners arrives at your home, you can start the at home teeth straightening process. Simply place the tray over your teeth. The clear aligners will fit snuggly in place.

As you wear the trays for 22 hours a day, the aligners gently push your teeth into better alignment. The micromovements are imperceptible. As your teeth move into proper alignment, the supporting jawbone tissue will adjust to the new teeth orientations.

Over the course of a few weeks, you’ll begin to notice the cosmetic results.

Each tray is successively straighter and closer to your ideal smile. Once you have used the trays, you will be fitted with a retainer that should be worn each night to maintain your results.

Benefits of Online Teeth Straightening

The expanded use of teledentistry and online teeth straightening has made clear aligner treatments affordable and accessible to teens and adults across the United States. ALIGNERCO is a proud member of the American TeleDentistry Association, which states that “teleorthodontic clear aligner treatment … is a low-risk, effective method of orthodontic delivery.”

A Comfortable Treatment

By taking advantage of online teeth straightening, you can forgo long and often uncomfortable visits to the orthodontist. Clear aligners do not require changes in diet. Just be sure to brush your teeth twice a day as normal.

A Discreet Treatment

ALIGNERCO trays are nearly invisible, meaning few people will be able to tell that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Unlike traditional orthodontics, users of our clear aligners can remove their trays at any time.

Predictable and Consistent Results

ALIGNERCO’s advanced aligner technology allows your treatment timeline to realign your teeth at a predictable rate. While traditional orthodontic treatment can take years to complete, our advanced system can drastically improve your smile within a few months.

Drastic Cosmetic Results

An attractive smile is synonymous with youth and beauty. Once you complete our easy three-step treatment program, you will find yourself smiling with confidence. Our cost-effective, at-home treatments are every bit as effective as the procedures offered by more expensive brand name companies.

To see the fantastic cosmetic results that our clear aligners offer, check out these photos from our ALIGNERCO family.

Order Your at Home Teeth Straightening Kit Today

Online teeth straightening allows adults to enjoy the benefits of using teeth aligners at home. No more lengthy and costly trips to the dentist or orthodontist. Our at home teeth straightening kit is delivered straight to your door, and the entire orthodontic treatment process can be completed without the need for checkups.

Those savings allow our customers to undergo treatments for as little as $81 a month. Ready to enjoy the awesome benefits of online teeth straightening? Take our free online assessment to get the process started today.


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