How Long Does It Take To Talk Normally With Braces

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How Long Does It Take To Talk Normally With Braces

Table of contents

  1. What Causes a Braces Lisp?
  2. Do Clear Aligners Affect Speech?
  3. How Long Will My Clear Aligners Affect My Speech?
  4. Do I Need Speech Therapy to Adjust to Braces?
  5. Tips for Adjusting to Clear Aligners
  6. Can Clear Aligners Improve My Speech?
  7. Order Cost-Effective Clear Aligners today

Undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment takes some getting used to. Both metal braces and clear aligners place foreign objects over the teeth. For some patients, one noticeable side effect is a braces lisp.

The good news is that any mild speech impediments will diminish over time, especially if you opt for ALIGNERCO’s customer trays. In this article, we’ll explore this common side effect of braces and how long it typically takes for braces problems to go away.

What Causes a Braces Lisp?

Many people expect metal braces discomfort when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Another common side effect is known as a lisp.

Mild Speech Impediments Associated with Metal Braces

Any time a foreign object is placed inside the mouth, mild speech impediments can result. Speech is a function of several factors. The interaction of the tongue and teeth is one important factor that allows for clear speech.

Dentists often place appliances to expand the size of the upper or lower jaw. A rapid palatal expander (bite plan) can drastically affect speech.

One common speech problem caused by braces is known as a lisp. This defect turns an “s” into a “th” sound. “Stick” can come off sounding like “thick.” The same effect often happens when pronouncing the letter “z.”

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces can cause significant braces problems in some patients. This is because the attachments are placed on the back of teeth. The tongue then has to adjust to the presence of new attachments.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can change the orientation of the tongue to the teeth. If patients experience a mild speech impediment, it usually involves consonants like “s” and “t.”

The lips are also important for word enunciation. Traditional braces alter the spacing between the teeth and lips, which can lead to some speech issues.

If your metal braces are used to treat overbite or underbite, the changing orientation of your upper and lower jaws can lead to mild speech problems during the treatment process.

When traditional metal braces are removed, many people notice that they must once again adjust their speech. Speech issues following the removal of metal braces are not uncommon.

Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Over time, most patients adjust to the change, but some speech problems can linger throughout the treatment. If you are worried about speech problems, one solution is to undergo teeth straightening using clear aligners.

Do Clear Aligners Affect Speech?

Clear aligners are less likely to impede speech for several reasons. Traditional braces use brackets that protrude outward. Aligners snuggly hug the surface of teeth.

Misfitting clear aligners can also cause significant speech problems. One way to avoid misfitting aligners is to work with a reputable aligner manufacturer like ALIGNERCO.

ALIGNERCO’s custom trays minimally affect the orientation between the tongue and teeth. Less interference means less likelihood that our customers will experience any undesirable speech issues.

How Long Will My Clear Aligners Affect My Speech?

Clear braces discomfort is common throughout brief periods of the treatment process, but any speech issues will typically last only a few days.

In fact, most people never notice any speech-related issues when using our clear aligners. Even if you do, those mild effects will likely diminish quickly. Once your mouth adjusts to the presence of our advanced aligners, you’ll hardly notice that you are even wearing trays.

Try to avoid taking out your aligner trays to avoid speech issues. It is always best to give your mouth and tongue time to naturally adjust.

If you have to make a speech, temporarily removing your trays is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that you are wearing the trays for 22 hours per day.

Do I Need Speech Therapy to Adjust to Braces?

Speech therapists are not typically needed to help teens and adults adjust to braces. Speech therapy can help with issues that are unrelated to your orthodontic treatment.

If you are already working with a speech therapist, you may want to mention that you are undergoing at home teeth straightening. Pre-existing speech impediments like stuttering are not a barrier to beginning teeth straightening treatments.

Tips for Adjusting to Clear Aligners

Any speech issues should self-correct within the first week of treatment. If you want to take an active role in speeding that process, simply say troublesome words out loud and repeatedly while undergoing at home teeth straightening. Reading books out loud while at home is another effective way to speed up the adjustment process.

Can Clear Aligners Improve My Speech?

One common concern about orthodontic treatment involves loss of speech clarity. It is important to remember that clear aligner treatments can actually improve long-term speech quality.

If you have an overbite or underbite, that jaw misalignment can severely impact your ability to speak clearly. ALIGNERCO’s custom clear aligners can correct most forms of overbite and underbite.

Even if you do not have jaw alignment problems, crooked teeth can impede speech. Once you have completed ALIGNERCO’s treatment process, you may find that speaking becomes easier and clearer.

Order Cost-Effective Clear Aligners today

The advantages of ALIGNERCO’s affordable treatment plans are clear. Our braces are far more affordable than traditional metal braces. You are also less likely to experience a braces lisp when using our aligner trays.

In as few as four months, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile. Our cost-effective plans deliver drastic cosmetic results for a fraction of the price of our competitors. To start the process, fill out our free online assessment.


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