How to Stop Teeth from Shifting

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How to Stop Teeth from Shifting

Why Teeth Shifting Happens and How You Can Fix It

Your teeth shift over time for multiple reasons. However, you don’t simply just have to live with it and cope with the pain, discomfort and appearance effects of shifting teeth. If you are wondering how to stop your teeth from shifting, read on below for further details on why this happens and what you can do for preventing this in the future.

Teeth Shifting Can Occur Naturally

Sometimes, bottom front teeth shifting can happen as you age. Various physiological changes may occur in your mouth, such as shrinkage of your lower jaw. Your lips can also get tighter as you get older, leading to more pressure on your teeth. You may also experience shifting teeth symptoms if you have developed some form of gum disease. Over time, this can lead to a loss of bone holds your teeth in place. Without adequate gum support and with the effects of bone erosion, your teeth will then shift out of place.

In any event, shifting teeth can lead to a misaligned and crowded mouth. You may feel teeth shifting pain as well as ongoing discomfort and effects of teeth shifting can even impact on the appearance of your mouth. In a worst-case scenario, shifting teeth could lead to tooth loss. You can do something about the problem before it gets worse and costs you dearly both in terms of discomfort and dental treatment costs.

How to Stop the Damage Caused by Shifting Teeth

You can reverse the effects of shifting teeth and help move them back into place. In addition, a solution to shifting teeth can also help clear up any pain or discomfort that you may be feeling. You can also restore the straight, healthy appearance of your teeth.

There are things that you can do on your own such as taking action to stop grinding your teeth and maintaining better oral care. However, these are only part of the picture, and you will often need something more to prevent teeth shifting.

Even if you are an adult and it seems impossible, you can still benefit from the braces that can move your teeth back into place or a retainer that can keep your teeth where they are. While you may associate braces with unseemly wires and an intrusive appearance, there are many more different options that are available these days. You can get clear braces or invisible aligners for your mouth that nobody else will even notice while it is doing its job. Invisible aligners from ALIGNERCO have given countless adults a solution to shifting teeth.

Anyone can get this treatment and it’s never too late to help your own appearance and the comfort of your mouth. In fact, it is much easier than you probably thought. More and more adults are turning to clear aligners to fix their teeth and move them back into the right place.

You can get straighter teeth at a fraction of the cost of standard braces and without the time commitment and hassle. Contact ALIGNERCO today, and orthodontist-designed clear aligners can fix your shifting teeth without clinic visits, saving you 65%.

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