How To Straighten Teeth At Home

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  1. Who Is A Good Fit For At-Home Teeth Straightening?
  2. How Does One Straighten Teeth At Home?
    1. Make A Good Impression
    2. Let The Experts Work
    3. Straight As An Arrow
  3. What Are Some Of The Benefits of Straightening Teeth At Home?
  4. Get Started Today

Whether you’ve got an overcrowded mouth, crooked teeth, or anything else that’s making you feel self-conscious about your smile, you’ve probably considered trying to straighten your teeth at home. Although you may not have realized it, straightening your teeth isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. In addition to enhancing your self-esteem and appearance, straightening your teeth can also improve your overall oral health.

When weighing your teeth straightening options, you’ve probably considered both clear aligners and braces. Clear aligners are a safe and effective option to straighten teeth at home that is also convenient and cost efficient. Curious about how clear aligners actually work? Keep reading to learn all about how teeth straightening at home works and whether it might be the right fit for you.

Who Is A Good Fit For At-Home Teeth Straightening?

The key to having a positive at-home teeth straightening experience is being a good candidate for straightening teeth at home. Ideal candidates for at-home treatment are adults who have only minor teeth misalignment issues, such as mild to moderatecrowding or minor spacing issues. If your smile features major gaps, severe overcrowding, or pronounced overbites or underbites, you’re most likely better off receiving treatment from a qualified orthodontist who can better monitor your progress in person.

Additionally, if you have severe dental problems, such as gum disease or active tooth decay, clear aligners may not be able to work as effectively on you. However, as long as you have healthy teeth with only mild to moderate alignment issues, you should be ready to learn how to straighten teeth at home.

How Does One Straighten Teeth At Home?

Clear aligners work relatively simply to help straighten teeth at home. There are three simple steps that most teeth straightening protocols follow.

Make A Good Impression

Clear aligners work by moving your teeth in small increments to their desired location. Aligners place pressure on your teeth in a series of very gradual, incremental steps that force your jaw bone to respond, causing your teeth to move slowly over time. In order for a clear aligner company to know what your teeth look like now, you’ll need to make a dental impression at home and send it back for the company to begin designing a treatment plan.

If you’re feeling anxious about what your teeth will look like, there’s good news: ALIGNERCO allows you to get a smile projection before you commit to at-home clear aligners. This means that you’ll be able to see what your final smile will look like after spending six to twelve months wearing clear aligners before you even get started.

Let The Experts Work

Once our team of dental experts receives your dental impression, they’ll begin crafting your perfect personalized treatment plan. ALIGNERCO provides its clients with a series of clear aligners to be worn in 10 days intervals. This allows each tooth plenty of time to fully move at both its crown and root. The teeth-straightening team will send you a plan. This plan typically requires you to wear your clear aligners for 20-22 hours a day for six to twelve months. Once it sounds good to you, you’re ready to get started on straightening your teeth at home!

Straight As An Arrow

The final step of teeth straightening at home is the longest — and also the easiest. You’ll need to wear each clear aligner for 10 days to allow your teeth plenty of time to gradually shift to their new position before you move onto your new aligner. During this time, your clear aligner does all the work. All you need to do is keep wearing it whenever you’re not eating, drinking, or brushing and flossing your teeth. If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out virtually to ALIGNERCO. Finally, after you’ve worn your clear aligners for the recommended amount of time (typically six to twelve months), you should be ready to stop your treatment.


What Are Some Of The Benefits of Straightening Teeth At Home?

Although you may have anxiety about trying to straighten teeth at home, clear aligners are recognized as a safe and easy alternative to braces. They also come with several great benefits.

They’re comfortable.

While braces can scratch your mouth and gums with sharp metal wiring, clear aligners are made entirely of smooth plastic. Although some users report mild discomfort when first beginning treatment, it often goes away relatively quickly.

They’re discreet.

When you’re already self-conscious about your smile, the last thing you want to do is broadcast even more attention to your mouth with an eye-catching pair of adult braces. Clear aligners are nearly invisible. This allows you to work on attaining the smile of your dreams without drawing more attention to it.

They’re easy to maintain.

Braces are high-maintenance. Food can get stuck in them, they’re difficult to clean, and they require frequent trips to the orthodontist. In contrast, clear aligners can be easily removed, require little cleaning, and don’t necessitate trips to the dentist or orthodontist.

The easy, painless nature of clear aligners make them ideal for people who are looking to straighten teeth at home. Additionally, it’s for those who aren’t willing to commit to the full expense and high-maintenance nature of braces.

Get Started Today

Intrigued by the thought of straightening your teeth at home? It’s a simple and easy process that can help you achieve a straighter smile in less than a year. If you’re excited by the thought of getting a dazzling smile by wearing clear aligners, it’s simple to get started. Take ALIGNERCO’s free assessment today to determine if clear aligners are right for you, and then order your dental impression kit to learn more about possible treatment plans. You’re only a few months away from the smile of your dreams with ALIGNERCO.



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