Insight Into The Cost Of Braces And Their Alternatives

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Insight Into The Cost Of Braces And Their Alternatives

Most of the kids, youngsters, and even adults opt for braces for teeth straightening in most parts of the world. But, the cost of braces is slightly on the expensive side as compared to the innovative alternatives. The trendy alternative to braces that has created a buzz is the invisible aligners or clear braces. These aren’t only convenient but comfortable too. Whereas you have to pay nearly $5,000-$7000 for the whole orthodontic treatment when getting traditional braces, however, the invisible aligners usually cost on the affordable side.

The working adults can opt for these aligners anytime. They just need to take a free online assessment designed by a team of reputed dental experts to check if clear aligners is the best option for them. ALIGNERCO team provides the full teeth-straightening kit at an affordable price. The clear Aligners cost is as follows:

  • The β€œKit-First” Plan starts at just $49.99; you need to send the impressions back to the team for making customized aligners. This Kit contains an instructions guide, cheek retractor, impression putty and trays, disposable gloves and a prepaid return label.
  • The β€œSmileAdvantage” Plan by ALIGNERCO is the most affordable plan that starts only at $1145 $895 and is one of the affordable plans where you have to pay only once. It includes aligners, smile projection, an impression kit worth $49.99 and a set of retainers worth $99 for free and shipping.
  • The β€œSmileFlex” Plan starts at $81 per month for only 12 months. This plan includes an impression kit, retainers, invisible aligners, Smile projection, and shipping.
  • The β€œSmileFlexEasy” Plan starts with $275 downpayment and $175 a month for only 11 months.

The great thing about invisible aligners from ALIGNERCO is that their clear braces cost is comparatively far more affordable as compared to other metal braces. The price is nearly 65% lower and also reasonable as compared to other brands. Moreover, for braces, you need to take medical insurance too to cover up the cost.

There is no such hassle in getting the aligners from ALIGNERCO. As the patients will be switching between the trays, so they can take care of the aligners in a more relaxed way as compared to the metal braces. Another cost included while looking forward to metal braces is that after every two weeks you have to visit your dentist to correct the braces or for any cleaning. There is no such difficulty with invisible aligners that makes it convenient to be used at home. These clear braces from ALIGNERCO are just one-time investment.

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