Permanent Denture Methods – Pros & Cons

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Discover the many benefits of permanent dentures!

Dentures! They are tooth replacements that you can slip in and out of your mouth at will and that you keep in a glass by your bed at night, right? That is one type of denture, the removable ones, but there are other options to consider. Indeed, many people are now looking to use permanent dentures instead. The reason being that they are more comfortable and easier to take care of. The good news is you can find out all about permanent dentures, good and bad, in the post below.

The problem with removable dentures

Many people that struggle with removable dentures complaining of a bad fit, soreness, and irritation. While others report instability that can impact their ability to talk and chew properly. Still, others find themselves endlessly frustrated with the messy adhesive used for their application. Removable dentures have even been linked to long term complications such as erosion of the jaw bone.

Of course, removable dentures have been an option for those with tooth loss for many years. Often this is because they provide cost-effectiveness that is hard to match. However, dental patients are starting to get wise to the fact that, while low in initial cost, removable dentures may be something of a false economy.

Indeed, patients realize that they can get a much better solution by paying a little more initially. One that will excel in the areas in which removable dentures let them down. This solution is known as permanent dentures, as described below.

Permanent dentures

Unlike removable dentures, permanent ones are fixed prosthetic that patients have in their mouths all the time. The prosthetic is fixed to a structure in the mouth held in place via dental implants, making it a comfortable, functional, and secure option.

Indeed, permanent denture wearers rarely have to worry about their dentures loosening and impacting their ability to speak clearly or chew properly.

The method by which permanent dentures are fitted included several stages. The first of these will be an initial examination, which will assess the patient’s individual dentures needs.

The next stage would be a scan of the mouth and jawbone area. This is necessary because it shows dentists where to locate the implants to which the dentures will be fitted. Then the implants themselves will be fitted. After some time for healing, the permanent denture will be fitted to the implants in the patient’s mouth. Part of the reason that permanent dentures are so much more comfortable and effective in the long term is that the implants fuse with the jawbone. Something that means permanent dentures are far closer to the experience of having your own teeth than removable dentures.

Permanent Denture Pros

There are numerous advantages to choosing permanent dentures over the removable kind. The first of these is that they can much more successfully support facial features. Thus helping to retain the structure of the face and ensuring a youthful, healthier appearance.

Comfort is another major consideration for those looking for permanent dentures. Indeed permanent dentures can be more precisely fitted to the contour of your mouth, proving a much more supportive fit.

Additionally, comfort also comes into play when comparing the method used to fit permanent dentures to traditional implants. After all, the process is less invasive, and the healing time and surgery are faster.

Patients report that eating while wearing permanent dentures is much easier as well. They even provide a more evenly distributed biting force, helping to make quick work of any meal or snack.

Finally, one of the most loved advantages of permanent dentures is that they are so much less hassle than removable ones. There is no need for a sticky, unpleasant-tasting adhesive with permanent dentures and no need to remove them overnight. The latter being a major plus for folks that may find keeping their teeth in a glass a little embarrassing!

Permanent Denture Cons

Of course, there are some aspects of getting permanent dentures that aren’t as positive. However, to provide a realistic assessment of the process, we are committed to discussing them here. After all, we want our clients to make an informed decision based on what is right for them.

First of all, the cost can be an issue for some. However, it is worth noting that many patients feel the initial costs are well worth paying because of the improved experience over the long run. In essence, many suffering from tooth loss are happy to pay a little extra now for an easier and more comfortable experience overall.

Another issue that those seeking permanent dentures need to consider is the need for surgery to fit them, something that removable dentures do not require.

Additionally, because permanent dentures are designed to become a part of the mouth, there may be a slightly higher risk of inflammation or infection in those that wear the removable kind. The good news is that you can significantly reduce any risk involved by taking proper care of your permanent dentures. Which is far easier to do than with removable ones.


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