Post-SmileDirectClub Era: ALIGNERCO's Reliable Teeth Straightening Solutions

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Post-SmileDirectClub Era: ALIGNERCO's Reliable Teeth Straightening Solutions


As you navigate the landscape of teeth-straightening solutions, you're likely aware of SmileDirectClub's recent closure—a direct-to-consumer dentistry and orthodontistry company that specialized in selling teeth aligners. The unexpected shutdown, announced on December 9, 2023, following a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in September of the same year, has left millions of customers like yourself in a state of uncertainty, seeking trustworthy alternatives for ongoing treatment plans.

The Top Alternative

As one of the pioneers in remote clear aligner solutions, ALIGNERCO proudly stands as the top choice for effective teeth straightening treatments. We assure you of an unparalleled commitment to excellence, financial stability, and transparent pricing, making your journey towards a radiant smile both reliable and transparent.

The ALIGNERCO Approach

Now, let's delve into the reasons why ALIGNERCO is a stable and trustworthy choice for those seeking effective teeth straightening treatment.

Alignerco impression kit
Alignerco impression kit to start your clear aligner journey.

Financial Stability

One key factor that sets us apart is our commitment to financial stability. Unlike SmileDirectClub, ALIGNERCO proudly maintains a debt-free status, ensuring a solid foundation that allows us to prioritize top-tier orthodontic solutions without compromising affordability. Sarah Davis, our spokesperson, emphasizes our dedication to excellence, stating, ‘Our zero-debt approach allows us to focus on providing you with the highest quality orthodontic solutions without compromise.’

Reliable Manufacturing Partners

We've collaborated with leading aligner manufacturers worldwide, ensuring rigorous quality control and customization options for aligners. By forming strategic partnerships, ALIGNERCO maintains high standards while offering personalized solutions to you. This commitment to quality and customization sets ALIGNERCO apart as your reliable choice in the teeth-straightening market.

Strategic Marketing Expenditure

ALIGNERCO adopts a transparent pricing model by avoiding unnecessary marketing expenses. Instead, we prioritize affordability without compromising the quality of our services. Through strategic digital marketing efforts and word-of-mouth referrals, ALIGNERCO provides cost-effective options for achieving a perfect smile, making it an attractive choice for you as an alternative to SmileDirectClub.

Money-Back Guarantee

Confidence in our product is evident as ALIGNERCO offers you a comprehensive Money-Back Guarantee. If our experts determine that you are not a suitable candidate for our clear aligner treatment, we will refund the full cost of your aligners and the initial impression kit. This commitment to your satisfaction and confidence in the effectiveness of your treatment further solidifies ALIGNERCO as your reliable choice in the industry.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

A strong commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in ALIGNERCO's dedication to providing excellent customer support. The company takes pride in guiding customers through every step of the treatment process, fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

Guidelines for SmileDirectClub Customers

Dr Athar talks about what to do after SmileDirectClub’s closure

We understand the uncertainties this closure may have brought, and we are committed to making your transition smoother. ALIGNERCO is pleased to announce an exclusive discount for those affected, ensuring that the financial strain is alleviated as you choose ALIGNERCO for your clear aligner needs.

Moreover, for patients with unused SmileDirectClub impression kits, ALIGNERCO provides a seamless transition, allowing you to commence your aligner treatment without any interruptions. We recognize the importance of continuity in your dental journey, and ALIGNERCO is here to ensure that your path to a confident, beautiful smile remains uninterrupted. You can initiate the transition by clicking here. You can also reach out to our customer support team at or (877) 840 1561.

In the interim, Dr. Anas Athar, a US-licensed Orthodontist, advises,

'We recommend to patients who have been left stranded mid-treatment after SDC's closure, to continue wearing their last step of clear aligners and consult their local dentist for any current dental issues they may be facing'.


As individuals continue to seek convenient and reliable orthodontic solutions, ALIGNERCO stands out as a trusted provider, delivering smiles that not only look great but also reflect the brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


Q. Why did SmileDirectClub close?

A. SmileDirectClub closed its operations following a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on September 29, 2023. The company made the difficult decision to wind down its global operations, reporting nearly $900 million in debt.

Q. Why should I trust ALIGNERCO?

A. ALIGNERCO distinguishes itself through financial stability, global manufacturing partnerships, and minimal marketing expenditure. Unlike SmileDirectClub, we operate as a debt-free company, ensuring a solid foundation for top-tier orthodontic solutions.

Q. How can I initiate the transition to ALIGNERCO from SmileDirectClub?

A. Transitioning to ALIGNERCO is easy. For those with unused SmileDirectClub impression kits, you can commence your teeth straightening journey with the same kits. Just contact our customer support and they’ll assist you to make the process as smooth as possible. If you’re stranded mid-treatment, click here to initiate the transition.

Q. What should I do if I'm stranded midway through my treatment after SmileDirectClub's closure?

A. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend continuing to wear the last set of aligners provided by SmileDirectClub. In the meantime, it's advisable to contact your local dentist if any other dental issues arise.

Q. Does ALIGNERCO provide retainers?

A. Yes, ALIGNERCO offers retainers as part of our commitment to maintaining your perfect smile. We even provide a Smile Protection Plan, a bundle that includes 8 retainers, ensuring a 3-4 year supply to safeguard your beautifully aligned teeth.


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