Sharon's Journey To A Picture Perfect Smile

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Sharon's Journey To A Picture Perfect Smile

Like many Americans, Sharon was embarrassed to smile because of a prominent gap between her teeth.

“I was afraid of taking pictures,” she said. “I was unconfident.”

After doing some online research, Sharon learned that ALIGNERCO offered the most cost-effective clear aligners on the market.

“It was a great experience,” she said. “I’m on retainers now. It was very quick. I’m excited to show my smile. It has been a great experience.”

Like other members of our ALIGNERCO family, Sharon now enjoys a perfect smile. If you are looking for a Hollywood perfect smile or wish to learn about invisible braces work, read on to learn more.

Sharon’s Journey To A Picture Perfect Smile

Sharon’s Journey to a Perfect Smile

Sharon’s story is not uncommon. Around half of Americans are insecure about the appearance of their teeth. Sharon had a dental alignment issue called a diastema. The pronounced gap can malign an otherwise beautiful smile.

To address that issue, Sharon began looking for companies that offer clear braces to give her the straight teeth that she always wanted.

What really impressed Sharon throughout her treatment process was the quick and friendly responses she received from ALIGNERCO’s team. Once she received her custom clear aligners, Sharon was on her way to having a Hollywood perfect smile.

“I have been very comfortable with the team,” she said. “They have been very welcoming. They kept in touch. They were making sure that I was on the right track. I was grateful for their engagement with me. I am just so happy with my smile.”


ALIGNERCO works by slowly repositioning crooked teeth through micromovements. Our custom clear aligners look similar to a thin mouthguard. Each new clear tray is slightly straighter than the previous one.

With each new tray, your teeth will become noticeably more straight and attractive.

Length of Treatment

“I have been a customer for about seven, eight months now,” she said. “That was the length of my treatment. I’m on retainers now. It was very quick.”

The length of treatment will depend on several factors. Many of our customers notice drastic cosmetic results in only a few months. Once the treatment is complete, you will be given a set of retainers to be worn nightly.

Convenience and Cost-Savings

ALIGNERCO works differently than other clear aligner companies. Our customers do not have to visit a dentist or orthodontist to undergo our safe and effective treatments. We mail everything to your door.

By working directly with customers, we can offer treatments for a fraction of the cost that other companies charge.

“They were the cheapest out of all aligner companies I’ve researched and were always engaged with you along the way during the entirety of your treatment process!” Sharon said.

Start Your Journey Today

Anyone can enjoy a perfect smile following our treatment. Sharon gave ALIGNERCO a perfect review rating. We love seeing our customers enjoy the benefits of an attractive smile.

Ready to enjoy the same experience that Sharon shared with us? Take the first step by taking our free online smile assessment to see how ALIGNERCO’s cost-effective clear aligners can transform your smile and your life.


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