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Many people need braces or clear aligners during their life to straighten their teeth, close gaps, and rectify any orthodontic defect. They can be a necessity for some when it comes to improving their oral health, as any issues that are left untreated are those that can cause issues long-term. A specialist may offer braces to correct your teeth, and because this is a medical issue and not always a cosmetic one, they are eligible for FSA reimbursement.

Braces are used as teeth straightening solutions for many people around the world, and yet some people choose not to use braces, preferring the look and feel of clear aligners. These, too, are covered by FSA reimbursement, as they can close gaps and correct crooked teeth. When oral health issues are left untreated, dental diseases can become so much more than a cosmetic issue. Clear aligners are used for orthodontic services and are covered by most HSA and FSA accounts, and they’re so simple to get! If you need a way to spend your FSA before it expires, why not look into clear aligners today?

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One of the commonly asked questions is whether or not our clear aligners are covered by dental insurance. It very much depends on the type of insurance plan you have, as some plans will cover clear aligners where others won’t. Those that do, do so because they are much like any other orthodontic treatment that is designed to straighten your teeth. Checking your insurance plan before you look into orthodontic clear aligners is essential, as you can then figure out whether you are covered before you commit.

Don’t panic if you’re not covered, as there are still some financial solutions that are out there for you. If you want to improve your oral health, you should be able to and a mouth filled with straight teeth can help you with that. One of the most popular ways to pay is with orthodontic treatment FSAs. Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to set some of your money aside a little at a time until you can afford the clear aligners you want. You can open an FSA account with your employer, which will end with the healthy smile you’ve been aiming for.

What Is an FSA?

Flexible Spending Accounts are an optional program to benefit you and your oral health care. You can set aside some of your money into an account used for eligible healthcare expenses that wouldn’t be covered by the traditional health insurance plan you have. It’s not a replacement for your health insurance, but it’s a way to boost it when you need it to get the treatment that you need when you need it.

For every benefit period you have, you can put away up to $2,500, and it will be ready for you to use when you need it. It can cover the cost of treatment that your insurance won’t cover, and you can use your FSA to either partially cover or totally cover dental treatment you need.

Why You Should Get An FSA

There are plenty of reasons that you should set up an FSA to cover your clear aligners’ cost, and those include:

  • You can cover your orthodontic treatment, treatment for a spouse, and even treatment for a child. Whoever is listed as a dependent on your tax returns can benefit from an FSA.
  • There is no risk of owing money to a credit card company or another lender – it’s your money you’re relying on for your treatment.
  • Any money you pay into an FSA is taken before tax, so you stretch your income that bit further and get more from your money.
  • Any leftover money from your FSA can be used for follow-up treatments or other dental care.

The Easy Way To Straighter Teeth

Clear aligners are a simple solution for teeth straightening. The process has three simple steps, and you can ensure that you get the best for your teeth with them.

  • It would help if you had teeth impressions taken, and you can get started with our impression kit. You can make your impressions at home and send them back to us.
  • Next, we’ll work on creating clear aligners customized for you. Our team of experts can create clear aligners that get things straight.
  • In 4-6 months of clear aligner treatment, you can watch the magic happen as your smile is straighter and healthier than ever before.

Contact Us Today

If you want to know more about clear aligners, you should contact us today, and let’s get you started.


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