Teeth Alignment and Dental Health: What You Need to Know

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Teeth Alignment and Dental Health: What You Need to Know

Proper teeth alignment is more than a cosmetic concern. Straight and evenly spaced teeth are easier to clean. It can improve your oral health. Around 85% of Americans view oral health as a top priority.

Straight teeth are healthy teeth. Read below to learn about the clear links between a beautiful smile and oral health. Once we cover the dental health benefits of clear aligners, we’ll explore how cost-effective clear aligners can help you affordably enjoy the smile of your dreams.

Oral Health Hazards of Crooked Teeth

Do you have crowded or crooked teeth? Millions of Americans do, and those dental misalignments can make it difficult to floss and brush.

Even careful brushing habits can miss certain areas of your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach due to dental crowding and misalignments. Over time, those hard-to-reach areas can experience plaque buildup.

Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Since the areas are hard to reach, the plaque will eventually calcify into a hard substance called tartar. Tartar is calcified plaque, and the presence of the hardened biofilm can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

The presence of bacteria causes the gum tissue to become inflamed. Over time, this natural reaction to the presence of germs leads to gum disease.

Gum Disease

The early stages of gum disease caused by crooked teeth are known as gingivitis. If you do not straighten your teeth or seek dental care, gingivitis can advance into periodontitis, which leads to gum tissue recession and tooth loss.

Gum disease is also unattractive. If you have early-stage gum disease, you will be better able to treat and prevent gum disease by undergoing teeth straightening using Alignerco’s affordable clear aligners.

Tooth Decay

The tartar that builds up due to crooked teeth also raises your risk of developing tooth decay. Cavities form over time because bacteria release small amounts of acid to remove the minerals of your teeth’s enamel.

Once these small indentations form in areas a toothbrush cannot reach, the cavities tend to grow. One way with which you can prevent these dental problems is by straightening your teeth using Alignerco’s cost-effective clear aligners.

Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Once you improve your oral health, you can also enjoy benefits to your overall health. Oral systemic health refers to new scientific findings that link poor oral health to heart disease and other chronic health problems.

Research is ongoing, but early research suggests that chronic inflammation of the gums may cause inflammation elsewhere. Persistent gum disease may also allow bacteria in the gums to enter the bloodstream. From there, the bacteria may reach the heart and arteries.

By maintaining your oral health, you can avoid the risk factors that connect gum disease to chronic health problems.

Teeth-Straightening Options for Adults

To protect your oral and overall health, you can enjoy the many dental benefits of straight teeth by using Alignerco’s cost-effective clear aligners. While our competitors require customers to make costly visits to the dentist or orthodontist, members of our Alignerco family can handle every step of the process from the convenience of their home.

Adults are often understandably hesitant to undergo treatment using traditional metal braces. Braces can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Plus, metal braces are unsightly. For these reasons, many of our adult customers seek the discreet treatments afforded through clear aligner treatment.

Are Clear Braces Right for Me?

It’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of Alignerco’s clear braces. Many of our new customers are surprised by how affordable our treatments are.

While our competitors charge thousands of dollars for teeth straightening, our monthly payment plans start at $81/month.

Pretty much anyone is a great candidate for the treatment of clear aligners. The aligners address overbite, underbite, crowding, crossbite, and other dental alignment problems.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Undergoing teeth-straightening is an easy process when you work with our team. First, we’ll mail you an impression kit that you can send back at your convenience. Once we receive the dental impressions, one of our technicians will fabricate multiple clear trays, worn one set at a time.

Each new tray is straighter than the last. Gradually, you will start enjoying the benefits of straighter teeth. As your dental alignment improves, brushing and flossing will become more effective, and your risk of developing gum disease or cavities will decrease.

Clear trays snap on and off with ease. Remove your clear aligner trays whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth and place them back afterwards. The average treatment timeline ranges from a few months to several months or possibly longer.

Once your treatment is complete, we’ll mail you retainers that you will need to wear nightly. Retainers protect your cosmetic results and allow you to enjoy the oral benefits of straight teeth.

Learn More About Alignerco’s Teeth Alignment Solutions

Maintaining oral health takes more than regular brushing and visits to the dentist for cleanings. Proper teeth alignment plays a role in how effectively you can clean your teeth and gums.

Alignerco’s cost-effective clear trays can help you have teeth that are healthy and beautiful. Visit our website to schedule your free online smile assessment today. We look forward to helping you save time and money on your journey to a perfect smile.


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