What Are Invisible Aligners? How Do They Work?

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What Are Invisible Aligners? How Do They Work?

Dentistry resolves almost all notable dental problems nowadays. One of the many difficulties is having misaligned teeth. These are by means, unattractive and grow right from childhood days. One of the most familiar means to resolve this is by using teeth braces.

Most of the products designed for teeth straightening for adults are made up of metal and they look ugly to the viewer. More so, these braces are uncomfortable and tough to maintain. People who are wearing it have to follow the bundle of rules while consuming different foods until the alignment issues are fixed. This treatment tends to reach months.

Invisible Aligners have come up to counter the issues of braces. They engulf the teeth line and remain candid while using. Invisible aligners are transparent and far friendlier in usage than traditional braces.

Customization is available and suited for all types of teeth sets today. Nobody apart from you can even notice it right away. Thus, it is now possible to give a big confident smile with these friendly braces.

How Do They Work?

Invisible Aligners application is done with the recommendation of both orthodontist and a dentist. After consultation and taking the impressions of teeth, experts analyze the report from an orthodontist. Later, technicians under the supervision of orthodontists make customised invisible aligners in labs. ALIGNERCO, being a reputed company, uses safe and high-quality materials and creates the design pattern of teeth set. After considering the overall process, it takes around 19 – 21 business days to deliver the customised set of invisible braces.

Once received, a person does not require an appointment with the orthodontist. The overall treatment consumes less time and is less painful than the metallic ones.

Time of Treatment

Invisible Aligners Treatment usually takes 4-6 months on average for setting the teeth alignment. However, it varies from different teeth conditions and may consume more time. People with complicated dental issues should consult their local dentist first.

Invisible Aligners are one of the top alternatives to traditional braces. More importantly, they come at a more compatible cost than regular orthodontic treatment. With transparency and clarity to use, invisible aligners do a lot more than align your teeth for good.


Why is it important to straighten your teeth?

Teeth straightening is extremely important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for your overall health. Misaligned teeth can result in gum diseases as well as several psychological and physical health issues. It is better to straighten your teeth for a healthier lifestyle.

Are Metal braces a convenient method for teeth straightening?

Metal braces might be the oldest teeth straightening method and have been providing effective results for a long time; however, they do not look aesthetically pleasing and present certain setbacks while eating or cleaning your teeth. Moreover, with metal braces, you will need to make frequent dental visits to get them adjusted.

Why are clear aligners better than metal braces?

Clear aligners are a modern alternative to traditional metal braces. Their affordable and flexible nature has made teeth straightening convenient for you. With transparency and clarity to use, invisible aligners do a lot more than align your teeth for good.

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