A guarantee to guard your smile for life

ALIGNERCO has become a smart choice by backing up its treatment with an aligner guarantee. Get our invisible aligners for effective teeth straightening without worrying about spending your money in the wrong place.

Impression kit guarantee

We offer a risk-free impression kit that comes with easy instructions to help you in making your dental impressions at home. Our experts will carefully analyze your impressions using ALIGNERCO’s cutting-edge technology and create an orthodontist-reviewed treatment plan to successfully align your teeth.

Aligner guarantee

  • If our specialists decide that you are not a good candidate for our aligners based on your impressions, we will give you a complete refund of your purchase, minus the price of the impression kit.
  • If following your initial treatment, your teeth shift. In that situation, new impression kits, treatment plans, and aligners to address alignment issues will be provided to you without any charge.
  • However if you don't follow the necessary compliance during your treatment, we will have to charge you a small cost for an additional set of aligners or retainers.

Lifetime guarantee

ALIGNERCO provides a guarantee to maintain your smile for life. To qualify for this you will need to buy retainers from ALIGNERCO or any other brand. You should have the receipt if you purchased any other brand. You should wear your retainers as directed or else this guarantee can be void.

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