Mastering the Art of Dental Impressions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Exceptional Results

Improve accuracy, reduce discomfort, and get outstanding dental impressions with our comprehensive guide.

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Begin with the essentials

  • Trays: Ensure you have the correct-sized tray for the upper and lower arches.
  • Timer: Use a timer to monitor impression time for precise results.
  • Putty: Keep the putty cans within reach, but wait to mix them.
  • Gloves: Maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination by wearing gloves.
  • Cheek retractor: Use a cheek retractor for clear pictures and to hold your cheeks away from your mouth.

Prepare before you begin

  • Thoroughly wash your hands to ensure cleanliness.
  • Brush and floss between your teeth for optimal impressions.
  • Check that your trays fit perfectly for a comfortable experience.

A good impression

  • Properly mix the putty: Achieve a uniform color by quickly and efficiently mixing the blue and white putties.
  • Use different putty for each impression: Ensure accuracy by applying equal pressure around teeth and gums.
  • Apply equal pressure: Focus on obtaining a clear imprint of the molars and gum line for exceptional results.
  • Imprint the molars and gum line: Avoid redoing impressions and achieve a seamless aligner fitting experience.

A bad impression

  • Apply gentle and even pressure for clear tooth and gum imprints.
  • Mix the putties quickly to create a uniform color before hardening.
  • Minimize movement during impressions to maintain accuracy.
  • Use fingertips to apply consistent pressure, ensuring putty imprints on the gums.

Let's begin

  • Separate the trays for upper and lower arches, starting with the upper teeth impressions.
  • Mixing and molding: Wear gloves and combine the white and blue putties until they form one hue.
  • Give it 60 seconds:
    • Mix the putties until a uniform color is achieved.
    • Form a 4-inch long, uniform putty cylinder by rolling it between your palms.
    • Fill the tray's U-shaped space with the extended putty form.
  • Imprint the molars and gum line: Avoid redoing impressions and achieve a seamless aligner fitting experience.
    • Place the putty in your mouth and press evenly over your upper teeth.
    • Hold the putty steady for 3 ½ minutes, ensuring a precise impression.
    • Gently remove the putty, wiping away any residue with a clean towel.
  • Repeat the process for upper teeth impressions and twice for the bottom teeth, creating a total of four samples.
  • Smile for the pictures:
    • Use the cheek retractor to separate your lips.
    • Take close-up photos of your teeth and gums from different angles.
    • Ensure proper lighting or use your phone's flash for better visibility.
    • Take photos of your front teeth, right and left sides, lower molars, and upper molars.

Send us your samples

  • the cardboard liner and re-insert the four completed impressions into the box.
  • Wrap the pre-paid return label around the previous shipping label.
  • Seal the package using the provided sticker and send it back to us.