Why Choose AlignerCo?

The treatment prescribed by an orthodontist and using FDA-approved technology can produce noticeable improvements rapidly and come with a promise of lasting benefits. We are, indeed, altering the playing field.

Let’s see if ALIGNERCO invisible aligners are a good fit for you!

Our Team of Dental Specialists Standing Behind your Brightest Smile

ALIGNERCO links you up with a group of dentists and orthodontists in your area and throughout the country. To ensure that you are a good candidate for clear aligners, your treatment plan will be evaluated and approved by your state-licensed doctor before you begin your journey.

Bright Smile

ALIGNERCO brings out a few more hues of brightness with a whitening solution. Since patients must wear their aligners for an average of 22 hours per day, we reasoned that they might as well be comfortable and achieve the best results possible from the experience.

Staying Flawless

Retainers will maintain the position of your newly straightened teeth. It's an intelligent method to safeguard your investment in a pretty smile.

Teeth straightened without braces

With Alignerco's clear, removable, and invisible aligners, you won't have to deal with the trouble of having metal brackets and wires attached to your teeth and showing them every time you open your mouth.

No dentist visits every month

No one wants to be stuck in a dentist's chair for a long time. With our clear aligners, you won't have to go to those awful monthly appointments because the whole process will be monitored from afar.

Simple to clean

Our clear aligners are easy to clean because they can be taken off. You can take off your clear aligners, wash them under tap water, let them dry, and then put them back on.

Easy removal

Unlike traditional metal braces, our transparent aligners are easily removable because they do not include attachments. If you wish to consume the food of your choice, you can quickly remove your clear aligners and eat whatever you like.

Our guarantee

We promise you the greatest teeth-straightening experience possible. Our skilled dental staff will make sure that you meet all requirements for our clear aligners treatment; if not, you will receive a full refund.

Expert supervision

Our specialists will oversee your treatment throughout its duration. Our staff will continue to monitor your therapy remotely as you continue to share images of your progress.

Reasonable prices

Our clear aligner treatment is accompanied by incredibly reasonable payment plans. Two payment plans are available for our day and night clear aligners. Either a one-time payment plan or affordable monthly installments are available for payment.

Rapid client service

Our customer support is available 24/7. Whenever you encounter aproblem during your treatment, you can contact our customer service, and they will address all of your queries.