Extra Dental Impression Putty

Extra Dental Impression Putty

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Ensure you never run out of putty during your impression process. Our extra dental impression putty is perfect for creating precise and clear dental impressions. Safe, easy to handle, and comes with detailed instructions.



Can I create dental impressions with just one set?

Each set includes 1 base and 1 catalyst and is designed to create a dental impression for either the upper or lower arch.

Is ALIGNERCO dental impression putty safe to use?

Absolutely. Our at-home dental impression putty is made from safe, non-toxic materials, meeting the highest safety standards.

Can I order the impression trays separately as well?

If you’ve chosen at-home teeth straightening, we advise you to order our comprehensive ALIGNERCO impression kit, which contains impression putty, impression trays, a stretcher, and latex gloves.

Will my teeth hurt while taking the impressions?

No dental impressions are not painful. However, they might trigger a gag reflex in some people when the tray reaches the back of the mouth.

Can ALIGNERCO dental impression putty be used for at-home teeth straightening treatments?

Yes, our high-quality dental impression putty provides a perfect foundation for at-home teeth straightening treatment, ensuring accurate molds for effective results.