6 Things You Need To Know Before You Opt For Clear Aligners

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6 Things You Need To Know Before You Opt For Clear Aligners

Everyone wants a great smile and it is essential to feel confident about our teeth and smile as it has a big impact on all of us. It is sure if you have a smile on your face, everything will fall into place. However, we all are worried about our crooked & misaligned teeth, which makes us afraid to smile.

People used to opt for metal braces or wired braces to straighten teeth. But in the present generation, no one wants to wear metal braces because of the embarrassment that comes with it. The youth nowadays are beauty-conscious, they look for the best in fashion, dressing, footwear, glasses, and makeup & think a perfect smile is also important, but won’t opt for metal-braces to correct that.

We all want perfectly aligned teeth, but all aren’t lucky to be born or blessed with a perfect set of pearlies. However, now it is far more viable to have straight teeth with a discreet treatment. Clear Aligners can help you correct misaligned & crooked teeth conditions. You can straighten your overbite, crooked teeth, under bite, and gaps between your teeth in a very affordable and in discretion.

Aligners are invisible, comfortable, and almost painless, it allows you to eat whatever you want, and these advantages make the clear aligner treatment preferable over the other available options. We list 6 things you need to know before you opt for clear aligners.

1. Clear Aligners do not require wire or brackets

Clear aligners are the best choice for youngsters as they are invisible and others won’t know that you’re getting your teeth straightened. Now with the advanced technology of clear aligners, you can transform your smile without feeling self-conscious. Each set of aligners is custom made which fits snugly over the teeth without any room for wiggle.
Where Metal braces are concerned, you need to wear a metallic wire with brackets that look unattractive when you smile or open your mouth which are uncomfortable and painful. The risk of getting hurt and injured is higher and can be annoying when food is stuck in the metal braces. Trying to smile with your mouth closed is the worst part of metal braces.

2. No effect on your social and personal life

Clean aligners are barely noticeable. We have only one life to live beautifully every moment without any worry, aligners can help you enjoy without interference in your lifestyle. It won’t have any effect on your private or social life as they are virtually invisible so you can wear them in a celebration or to work. The only thing people notice is that your smile keeps getting straighter. Folks will be surprised after knowing your secret. In just a few months, you will have a beautiful new smile that you will be proud to flash those pearlies.

That being said, people hesitate to interact and make friends when wearing metal braces. Even taking a selfie, is a challenge simply because of your metal smile. You can easily avoid these awkward moments with clear aligners.

3. No restrictions on what to eat and drink with clear aligners

For those who are Foodies, clear aligners are an exceptional choice. Aligner users can eat all their crunchy favorites, they just need to remove their aligners while eating! To maintain your aligners and keep them clear, taking care of your aligners is a must. Chewing with the aligners on can break, crack, or bend the aligners, which can negatively impact their effectiveness. Clean your mouth before replacing the aligners as they may be discolored by the food particles and lose their clarity.

In the case of metallic braces, you can’t eat apples, Carrots, certain meats and have to avoid sticky foods such as caramel/toffee etc. Eating hard foods is a complete No-No & can damage the brackets and wires. Most of the time, you are on liquids and mushy food.

4. Age Restriction

If you are 14 and above, clear aligners will work for you. For most patients whose teeth need minor changes, they can even start at 13 years of age, as long at your permanent teeth have fully erupted. Adults who are self-conscious about their smile and don’t want to opt for metal braces, should opt for clear aligners.

Teenagers and adults are choosing aligners over the other available options. People in the 50-60 age group also prefer clear aligners. It’s the perfect time to start your SmileJourney now and smile as much as you can. Clear aligners are the best alternative to metallic braces that can give you a confident smile.

5. Trouble-free maintenance

When wearing fixed braces, if the wires come undone, you will need to rush to a clinic to fix them and there will be an added charge. With clear aligners, you can decide when to take them off as they can be easily removed. So no struggle to clean your mouth just remove your aligners clean them and wear them. Walk and smile with confidence as you are undergo the magical teeth straightening process, discreetly.

6. Cost-effective

Cost of clear aligners is fairly less as compared to metal braces. With ALIGNERCO you can save nearly 65% on the treatment and save on the repeated monthly visits to the dental clinic. We have 3 pricing plans SmileAdvantage, SmileFlex, SmileFlex Easy.

The most popular one being SmileAdvantage, you will receive the most affordable clear aligners for a one-time payment so you can begin the journey towards the smile you love.

Whereas, SmileAdvantage powered by Affirm will let you make affordable monthly payments.

SmileFlex Easy, our in-house financing will require you to make one down payment & 11 monthly payments.

Start your teeth straightening journey now with a simple free assessment.


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