Straightening Teeth, Transforming Lives: Amazing Changes with ALIGNERCO

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Explore the genuine smile makeovers achieved by ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners users across the United States. Orthodontic patients who have used these transparent aligners have attained the ideal smile and grown more self-confidence in their physical appearance. These stories include dental issues such as cross-biting, crooked teeth, gaps in teeth, and overlapping problems.

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1. Evangeline Herrera

  • Issue: Crooked Teeth
  • Treatment Duration: 7 months
    Evangeline Herrera
    Evangeline Herrera

    A major factor affecting Evangeline Herrera’s confidence and general oral health was her persistent problem with crooked teeth. She decided to try ALIGNERCO’s clear aligners in an attempt to find a solution. Evangeline started to notice the alignment of her teeth gradually getting better as her treatment went on. Her objective of having perfectly aligned teeth was accomplished in just seven months with the aid of ALIGNERCO’s clear aligners.

2. James Olds

  • Issue: Gap in front teeth
  • Treatment Duration: 4 months
    James Olds
    James Olds

    A visible gap in his front teeth and a general mild misalignment worried James Olds. He set out on his ALIGNERCO Clear Aligner trip in search of a solution. James was thrilled to see that the gap between his teeth was closing in just four months. He felt more confident in the treatment after witnessing ALIGNERCO’s efficacy. Now, he can proudly show off his perfectly straight teeth that are free of gaps. James’s whole appearance has changed as a result of his decision to get ALIGNERCO Clear Aligner treatment, giving him more self-assurance and satisfaction in his smile.

3. Karla Silva

  • Issue: Overbite
  • Treatment Duration: 9 Months
    Karla Silva
    Karla Silva
    Karla Silva started a life-changing nine-month journey with ALIGNERCO to address her issues related to overbite. Karla diligently and passionately committed to her treatment plan. Then, what was the outcome? A stunning transformation in which she welcomed a newfound confidence in her smile and waved goodbye to her overbite. Karla’s experience demonstrates ALIGNERCO’s dedication to providing efficient dental adjustments and enabling people with transformative confidence boosts.

4. John Cowherd

  • Issue: Gap in front teeth
  • Treatment Duration: 5 Months
    John Cowherd
    John Cowherd

    John Cowherd had a noticeable gap in his front teeth, which was cause for his concern. He looked to ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners for assistance. John saw impressive improvement in the steady closing of the gap in just five months. He achieved a self-assured, show-worthy smile beyond just closing the distance. With his newfound sense of satisfaction and confidence in his smile, John’s quick makeover is a prime example of how well ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners work.

5. Michael Fan

  • Issues: Misaligned Teeth
  • Treatment Duration: 10 Months
    Michael  Fan
    Michael Fan

    Michael Fan had been bothered for a long time by his teeth’s misalignment. Since he loves to take pictures, he has always wanted to adjust his smile. To start his path towards aligned teeth, Michael decided to use ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners. He noticed significant shifts in his alignment over time. It made him smile more broadly and gave him more self-confidence in the way he looked. Michael can’t wait to proudly flash his perfectly aligned smile again.

6. Michael Tracey

  • Issues: Gap in front teeth
  • Treatment Duration: 4 Months
    Michael Tracey
    Michael Tracey

    Michael Tracey had a noticeable space between his front teeth, and they were slightly out of alignment. He started using the ALIGNERCO Clear Aligner in search of a solution. Amazingly, Michael saw noticeable changes as the gap in his teeth filled in just four months. Michael was more confident about ALIGNERCO’s efficacy after seeing the positive outcomes. He can now show off his gap-free, perfectly aligned teeth with confidence. Choosing to undergo ALIGNERCO Clear Aligner treatment has completely changed Michael's look, giving him a brighter smile and increased confidence.

7. Edgar Silva

  • Issue: Spacing
  • Treatment Duration: 5 Months
    Edgar Silva
    Edgar Silva

    Edgar Silva was a young child with an obvious dental space between his teeth. He decided to use ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners as a solution. Edgar had a stunning transformation as his teeth gradually filled in after receiving their successful treatment. Thanks to the clear aligners from ALIGNERCO, Edgar's teeth were straightened in just five months. His confidence was increased along with the improvement of his smile. Edgar's story demonstrates how ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners can effectively and efficiently provide teeth alignment solutions. As a result, he now has a beautiful smile and increased confidence.

8. Marcus Johnson

  • Issue: Crossbite
  • Treatment Duration: 11 Months
    Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson sought the assistance of ALIGNERCO to address his crossbite, a disorder that affected the alignment of his upper and lower teeth. He had a tremendous transformation over eleven months, not only getting rid of the crossbite but also obtaining a self-assured and perfectly aligned grin. His triumph highlights how well ALIGNERCO can handle challenging dental problems.

9. Jason Wong

  • Issue: Overlapping Teeth
  • Treatment Duration: 7 Months
     Jason Wong
    Jason Wong
    Overlapping teeth presented problems for Jason Wong, making his grin less attractive. Jason saw significant changes in just seven months after choosing ALIGNERCO clear aligners. He was left with a radiant, well-proportioned smile after the change, which also improved the overall alignment and eliminated the overlap.

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Join ALIGNERCO on a true smile transformation journey where you will learn how to develop boosted confidence and self-assurance through real-life stories from people across America. Clear aligner treatment has a transforming effect that can be seen clearly by ALIGNERCO's achievements. These advantages include addressing overbites, crowded teeth, mismatched bites, spacing problems, and underbites. With ALIGNERCO, you too may release the beautiful smile of your dreams, just like Evangeline, James, Karla, John, and Michael did. Together, let's go on your journey towards enhanced self-assurance and confidence.

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