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Clear Aligners for a straighter smile

Offer Convenient Dental Impressions and Digital Scans for Affordable Aligner Treatment!

  • Partner with us to offer patients dental impressions and digital scans, and take your practice to the next level!
  • Offer advanced dental services such as teeth impressions and scans with ALIGNERCO's partner program and make your practice the go-to destination for patients.
  • Looking to enhance your dental practice's reputation and expand your patient base? Join ALIGNERCO's partner network and offer dental impressions or digital scans.
Clear Aligners for a straighter smile

Putting our patients first: Services designed with your practice in mind

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  • Join the extensive network of dental professionals without any cost.
  • Don’t worry about collecting any additional payment from the patients as we pay you directly.

Putting our patients first: Services designed with your practice in mind

Grow Your Revenue Streams

We offer our dental partners an opportunity for additional revenue streams. We have designed a straightforward structure that allows you to earn extra income without putting in the extra effort. Benefit by getting new patients while increasing the lifetime value of the existing ones. Partner with us to receive free patient leads. We will refer the patients having dental issues to the nearest partners and help them grow their practice.

Expand Your Reach and Improve Patient Care

By being a part of ALIGNERCO's comprehensive network of partner dentists, get access to a wider patient base. You can offer patients in-person dental impressions and digital scans to help them kickstart their affordable clear aligner treatment.

Get Paid Faster

We understand that time is money. That’s why we provide our partner dentists with fast payment processing to ensure that your practice gets paid quickly and efficiently.

Smile Protection Plan

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