Make perfect dental impressions to begin your teeth straightening journey

Transforming your smile into a stunning masterpiece has never been easier before. Discover the convenience of creating dental impressions in the comfort of your own home, with expert guidance from our team through a complimentary video call.

Before you schedule

Take the required precautions to guarantee a good dental impression session. The following factors must be taken into account before arranging a session:

Sufficient Impression Putty

For an uninterrupted video session, it is crucial to have enough impression putty on hand. This ensures the completion of four dental impressions without any delays in the process.

How much putty is required?

Appropriate Impression Tray Size

It’s important to choose the right-sized tray for precise dental impressions. If you require a different one than the original included in the impression kit, email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Check your tray size

Note: The session is expected to last approximately 45-50 minutes. This time frame ensures thorough dental impressions, guaranteeing that all the details were captured accurately.

Have you checked the above? Contact us to book a video session

Are you from New York or New Jersey? Make dental impressions at our Smile Studio in Long Island, NY.

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Importance of Good Dental Impressions

Accurate Treatment Planning

Accurate treatment planning ensures precise assessment and individualized strategies, crucial for a good dental impression. It involves analyzing the patient's oral health condition, aligning treatment goals, and determining the necessary steps to achieve optimal results.

Custom Fit and Comfort

Custom-fit and comfort are crucial for a good dental impression, as they provide personalized and tailored solutions that enhance patient comfort and functionality.

Treatment Efficiency

Treatment efficiency optimizes the delivery of dental care by streamlining processes, utilizing advanced technologies, and implementing evidence-based practices, resulting in shorter treatment times and improved patient convenience.

Predictable Outcomes

Predictable outcomes are achieved through a good dental impression, ensuring consistent and controlled tooth movement, and providing patients with reliable and expected treatment results.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a key measure of a good dental impression, as it ensures that patients are happy with their treatment process and outcomes, promoting adherence to the treatment plan and overall oral health improvement.


How do I get started with making teeth impressions for ALIGNERCO's aligners?

To get started, simply order your aligners from ALIGNERCO's website. The impression kit contains everything you need to take your impressions at home, including easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials.

What if I have difficulty making teeth impressions with ALIGNERCO's kit?

If you have difficulty making teeth impressions with ALIGNERCO's kit, you can request a complimentary video call with one of ALIGNERCO's specialists who can guide you through the process. Alternatively, if you are from New York or New Jersey you can make teeth impressions at our smile studio in Long Island, NY.

How do I know if my teeth impressions are accurate?

Once you've taken your teeth impressions, you'll mail them back to ALIGNERCO's lab for evaluation. If your dental impressions need to be more accurate, ALIGNERCO's team will contact you to discuss the next steps.

How can I reschedule my session?

To reach us, send an email to or give us a call at (877) 840-1561. You can also live chat with us here. (make here a link to chat with us).